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Our Story

1st Generation


Mrs. Florence Yu

Managing Partner

Late 1950’s,  Mrs. Florence Yu started purchasing old houses and small lots in Quezon City to Makati. At first, she did not know anything about construction and renovating properties, so she hired architects to draw the designs. Homes purchased were in the outskirts as houses in villages were too expensive. She started the company with only three main people, then, eventually, hired as needed. The company’s specialty was to restore old homes to make them look and feel modern without ruining beautiful memories built in each home she renovated.

Life was not easy for her back then. She did all this while managing a night club and restaurant in Roxas Boulevard known as the Bayside Club. With her dreams to succeed coupled with hard work, she simultaneously owned a parlor, a dress shop selling RTW dresses, and a small taxi fleet of 3 vehicles. From all these, she started buying, building, and selling apartments and small homes.

The houses she restored were usually sold even before they were completed, which proved the high quality and standards she put in each of these properties.

As years passed by, she continued until the homes and lot she is purchasing gets bigger until she was able to afford acquiring properties in the gated subdivisions.

Mrs. Florence Yu is a true example of a determined and  strong woman driven by her goals in life. She conquered the impossible through her passion and dedication. Until today, she continues teaching and inspiring people around her by being present in the office daily.


2nd Generation


William Thio


Being very close to my grandmother, I grew up with the smell of paint, sound of welding machines, and other construction equipment hovering around. This became my home environment that developed my passion for the industry.

Many years down the line, I developed my own profession in broadcast media. Currently, I work as an anchor in UNTV News and Rescue and in the Philippine News Agency’s PNA Newsroom. Eventually, I decided to take on the family’s tradition of building quality restorations at a reasonable cost. I am still specializing in restoration and giving old houses a modern-day look, feel, and features, creating an “up-to-date feel,” while maintaining all the beautiful memories of the original structure. This is to continue my grandmother’s great work in her generation and to follow after her footsteps.

To date, we have a complete line-up of architect, engineer, the original well-skilled team inherited from the great matriarch, and the new blood who are all dedicated in their crafts.

We are also managing our own properties that branched out into rentals. As we grow, we started accepting home renovations from other families; as well as construction projects from commercial and business establishments.

From the humble beginnings of my Grandmother, we do not only aim to continue her legacy, but to expand it in the future, remembering her values and inspired by the strong woman that is apparent in each home that she built.

Allow us to write new stories you can pass on to the next generation as we restore and beautify your homes; while maintaining the memories hidden behind the nooks and crevices of your old houses. Together, let us design, create, and build the structure of your dreams as you start up your offices, clinics, boutiques, and businesses.

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